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New Year Resolutions January 13, 2010

Posted by moonblue in Uncategorized.

Every year I make long lists of all the things I am going to do better, the writing I am going to do, the areas where I intend to improve.

On January 1 I was journalling and realised that I started this book on 1st January the previous year. I read over my list of resolutions and goals for the year. It was a rather depressing moment as I realised that I could simply transfer the list to this year with very few changes.

So, instead of setting myself up for disappointment or getting caught up in legalistic lists and impossible goals I will set a very simple goal for the year ahead:

To read, write and pray every day. And to do something social, something spiritual and something creative every week.



1. davidseven - January 14, 2010

Simple is better.
(And easier to pretend it never happened if you fail.)


2. Annabelle - December 31, 2011

Great resolutions! I am also going to try to do something spiritual, something social and something creative every week.

Much better than all the “give up” resolutions I usually make and fail to keep.

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