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Poem a Day – February Progress March 11, 2010

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This year I challenged myself to try to write a poem each day. I decided to look back over the last month and see how things went.

Well, I wrote a poem in the diary I am using on 16 days. Not brilliant, but not bad. At least I wrote more often than not. And I must admit that some of the pieces barely qualify as poems. Some are sheer doggerel, others more fragments, interesting lines or ideas to explore later. And some were just plain boring, or irredeemably bad.

But that is not the point. The point is that something was written. After all, it is easier to edit a bad poem than an empty page. And some of the poems surprised me. Poems which with a bit of work could be quite good.  And some poems are on topics I might never have got to without this challenge.

I thought I would post two brief ones here. Please note, these are first drafts and will hopefully appear at a later date in a more polished form. I attended a slide show and lecture on Turkish antiquities. It was really interesting and inspired me to write. But that inspiration might not have survived the walk home had I not found myself that night wondering what poem I could write.


Is this all there is?
These crumbling walls,
scattered ruins.

The mighty have fallen
and their bones are hidden,
buried by rock and dust.

Who will know
where our cities stood
when our age has passed?

Will future generations
seek traces of London,
New York or Johannesburg?

Will they remember stories
of heroic deeds, hidden treasures
and wonder at the ruins,

asking – is this all there is?


ash on my forehead
a sign of my suffering
a season of pain

I try to reflect
on the true meaning of lent
to focus on God

but my mind keeps on
turning to thoughts of you
the words turn to stone



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