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Daily Dose of Sunshine May 18, 2010

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I walk to work. It is something I quite enjoy, particularly the homeward journey as it gives me a chance to clear my head and stretch my legs. The trip to work is a bit harder. Not only is it too early in the morning for me, but most of the way is uphill.

By the time I reach the top of the appropriately named Hill Street I need to stop for a minute to catch my breath. This also gives me a chance to read the board giving the headline for a certain daily newspaper. I have to admit that I have never read this paper, but if the headlines – and its reputation – are anything to go by it specialises in tabloid style sensationalism. (Which is why I will not mention the name, I would hate to get sued, or feature in one of their articles:)

I love reading the headlines. They get my day off to a good start. Everyone needs a daily dose of surrealism in order to maintain a sense of reality. Well, that is my opinion anyway. I am able to amuse myself for the rest of the walk wondering what the often cryptic headline actually means. Because so many of the headlines are bizarre, even when I actually know what it refers to, my imagination supplies much more interesting stories.

For example a recent headline roared: Reggae Test for Bafana. I had happened to watch the news on TV the previous evening so knew that the national soccer team had a match against Jamaica. But I rather preferred the immediate mental image of the soccer players in dreads having to sing good reggae before they were allowed on the team.

Some recent gems have included – Taxi boss crashes into himself – Gogo’s leave evil village – Win a taxi worth R300 000 – Death for breakfast.  And my personal favourite which claimed: Chicken bites cooks. That one almost made me buy the paper.

I am quite tempted to use these headlines as writing prompts and suspect they could lead to some very interesting, if slightly strange, short stories. Or even better, my next nanowrimo novel could be based on the daily headline.  I can just imagine what I would end up with.  Watch this space in November and see what the headlines have to say…



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