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Can you read it? September 8, 2010

Posted by moonblue in reading.
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If you can read this post, then you are part of the more privileged part of society. According to a report on the radio this morning, one in five adults is illiterate. That is a scary statistic.

Today is International Literacy Day. A day when those of us can read should be grateful. Can you imagine a world without books? The horror…

Even before I could read I loved books. According to family legend I scarred a visiting aunt by “reading” at three. Any fears of a prodigy where soon dispelled when she was assured that I was simply reciting the book, turning the pages at the appropriate place.  I was fortunate to grow up in a house filled with books, and even better, with a family who also loved books. For me it is hard to understand people who can read, but choose not to.

So today I would like to salute all those organisations and individuals who work to enable people to experience the joy of words, of reading. To all the librarians, teachers, literacy workers, writers, publishers, to all the ordinary people who have ever shared a book they loved, who have talked about books on their blogs, to everyone who buys books, and those who support the many literacy projects around the world : Happy Literacy Day !



1. davidseven - September 8, 2010

According to family legend I scarred a visiting aunt by “reading” at three


Wow, you must have been reading something really hardcore!!


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