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Another NaNoWriMo! November 2, 2010

Posted by moonblue in NaNoWriMo, writing.
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It is that time of year again. You know, when your writer friends start to act a bit strange. Or rather, stranger than usual. You soon learn the signs, the stifled yawns, the glazed eyes, the rubbing of cramped fingers, the barely suppressed excitement.  Yes, it is NaNoWriMo time again.

In case you have been hiding under a rock, or just don’t have any writer friends (poor you) NaNoWriMo is a wonderful international novel writing adventure. People from around the world set aside November to write a novel. 50 000 words in 30 days!

150 000 people have already signed up this year. Some people have already reached 10 000 words; although most of us are happy to have hit our first day’s target of 1 667 words. And others are still hesitating, wondering why they decided to do this.

If you are still wondering – or have only just discovered this awesome concept and want to get involved, then head over to http://www.nanowrimo.org and join in the fun.