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Is there a man on the moon?* July 20, 2010

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Man on the moon

With a name like moonblue, how could I not mention the fact that today is the anniversary of the first landing on the moon. On 20 July 1969 there were in fact two men on the moon – Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (oops, nearly wrote Buzz Lightyear. Guess who watched Toy Story 3 last week).  And floating in space, poor Michael Collins who travelled all that way and then had to stay in the car.

* A note on the title of this post for non-South African readers, and most likely, South African readers born after that famous day, the title comes from the song, Man on the Moon, by Ballyhoo. A song which has been stuck in my head all day, thanks to the djs on Algoa FM who played a series of moon related songs this morning.