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The Play’s the Thing March 3, 2010

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Having barely got back the use of my fingers after the frenzied writing and typing of NaNoWriMo, it is time to start thinking about the frenzy that is Script Frenzy

Yes, the crazy folks who brought you National Novel Writing Month and inspired 100 000 people to write a novel, in a month, are back. This time they are challenging people to write 100 pages of a play, film script, tv show or graphic novel. In a month. This time the magic month is April.

I am tempted. I have always wanted to write a play. And seeing as I watch so many movies why not try to write one. Or adapt one of my favourite books for the stage or screen. It could be fun.

It could be crazy. I am super busy at work, I have a poetry journal to edit and a writing class to teach. And I am meant to be putting together my next poetry book. Oh yes, and finishing last year’s nanowrimo novel. I don’t have time for this.

Which means I will probably end up doing it. Or at least signing up and seeing how far I go. I even have an idea. Gulp. Something I thought of last October but which seemed better suited to be a play than a novel.  Even if I never finish the play, I am sure to learn a lot about writing. And might end up with a short story if not a play. Plus – it could be fun.

To script or not to script? That is the question…